Course: Discovering and Developing Core Values

Join Robert Glazer, CEO and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Elevate, Friday Forward and more, as he guides you through an exercise to help you create and refine your own written list of personal core values. In this on-demand course, you’ll learn:

  • What core values are, and why they are crucial to achievement in your life and career.
  • How to brainstorm, create and refine your own list of core values, using curated keyword lists to get the perfect phrasing.
  • How to test your core values to ensure they’re right for you.
  • How you can apply core values in your personal and professional life, and unlock better results.

The actual course can be completed in about an hour, but it will inspire significant amounts of reflection and work over the ensuing weeks and months. It’s worth it. Get the course, discover your core values, and unlock the path to a more fulfilling life.

If you are interested in doing this exercise with your entire team, reach out to us at course(at)robertglazer(dot)com and we can offer bulk pricing.


Questions? Reach out below.

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