Changing Minds (#235)

Having thought about it a lot over the past few weeks, I am biased.

In fact, we are all biased. No two people see the world the same way–we each view it through the lens of our own experiences, values and viewpoints.

Biases aren’t inherently bad; they are part of what makes us human and fundamentally different from a computer algorithm. Here are some examples:

  • If I grew up in a small town, I might believe that environment is the best place to raise a kid. Is it?
  • If I am registered to a specific political party, I will likely vote for a candidate from that party. Are they the best candidate?
  • If I went to summer camp, I likely believe it’s the best thing for kids to do in the summer. Am I dismissing other options?
  • If I hire three people from a certain company and none of them work out, I will probably not hire from that company again. Is that fair? Am I right?

We need to accept that we have biases, because we all do. Our environments, cultures and our past experiences determine many of our principles and opinions.