Last Talk (#206)

If today was your last day on Earth and you could deliver a final speech to the world, what would you say?

It likely would not be a canned list of top five recommendations or a “how-to” speech. Instead, your talk would likely be deeper and more meaningful, perhaps about something you’ve held onto for most of your life and felt compelled to share with the world.

This is the sentiment behind One Last Talk (OLT), a deeply personal speaking series started by world-renowned clarity coach, Philip McKernan. McKernan created OLT to encourage people to speak their truth unapologetically, both to free themselves and to compel others to reflect on their own deep, hidden emotions. In giving a One Last Talk, speakers vulnerably share something about themselves or their lives, often for the first time.

I reached out to McKernan prior to our company’s annual AP Summit and asked if he would be willing to coach four employees who would volunteer to give their One Last Talk to the entire company.  I thought dedicating a portion of our AP Summit to One Last Talks would be a powerful exercise that could model vulnerability, encourage more trust across our team and align with our Own It theme for this year’s Summit.