What’s Easy (#252)

From time-to-time, we are all asked to help by stepping into a situation. This can be the case when our experience may be beneficial, or when something has been escalated to our level of responsibility.

I have often been asked to intercede in challenging situations—both personal and professional–such as cases where there isn’t a clear solution, or where an ongoing negotiation has been unresolved for some time.

In many of these cases, when I reach out and get the background information, I quickly understand the other person’s perspective on the situation, and am able to devise and offer a solution that can meet everyone’s needs.

I often used to come away from these situations with a feeling of frustration. Specifically, I would often wonder why someone else couldn’t have come to the same conclusion, given how easy the solution appeared to be in my eyes. In a professional situation, I would offer to coach the team or individual on how to resolve a similar situation themselves in the future.