Capacity Building (#194)

Have you ever wondered why some individuals are able to consistently achieve at such a high level? They are always pushing forward and hitting their goals. They seem to be doing more with less, while the rest of us spin our wheels and don’t make as much progress. The same is true with organizations. It might be comforting to believe they have some advantage over you, when the truth is that they have become an elevated version of themselves.

This is the opening paragraph of my upcoming book, Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others.

A reality that most of us don’t want to face is that we’re living below our innate potential. We know we can be better, we often just don’t know where to begin or where to focus. I say this from firsthand experience.

I spent a large part of my own life underachieving. Everyone told me I could do better, but no one showed me how or why. However, from pain comes purpose and this experience led me to seek these answers myself. Eventually, I arrived at the concept of capacity building, a framework that not only changed how I lead, but how I live my life.

In its purest definition, capacity building is the method by which individuals seek, acquire and develop the skills and abilities to consistently perform at a higher level in pursuit of their innate potential.