New Normal (#221)

Has this last week felt like a decade?

Many of us spent each recent day adjusting to the disruptions to our routines, our families and our professional lives. While some changes are manageable, others are far more difficult, such as trying to run a conference call while a toddler screams for attention in the background. All the while, we’re constantly checking the news for some indication life will return to the way it was.

However, the reality is we have entered a new normal that could last weeks, months or even years in some facets. This crisis will even create permanent lifestyle and business changes. The sooner we adjust to this new reality, the better.

With time, we will all experience the sociological principle of normalization. After processing a constant stream of bad news, dire projections and death tolls, all while waking up each morning alive with the sun rising, these things will eventually not deliver the same amount of shock or anxiety as they do currently. On balance, this is a good thing.

I saw a stark example of this principle when I toured the Churchill War Room in London a few years ago. During the bombing of London in World War II, the Germans assumed if they bombed London every day for years, eventually the British people would break and surrender.