It’s Time to End
Two Weeks’ Notice

It’s Time to End
Two Weeks’ Notice

The two week’s notice paradigm is a relic from the command and control era of leadership. Robert’s organization Acceleration Partners wanted to create better outcomes and options for employees who were ready to move on from our company, so we developed our Mindful Transition process.

Mindful Transition fosters an environment that encourages open communication where employees feel comfortable sharing their plans for the future — even if those plans involve leaving our company. It’s intended to be a clear, thoughtful and respectful approach to handling employee departures.

Openly acknowledging that your company might not be the best fit for everyone long-term allows you to completely change your dialogue with your team members. When employees know they can openly and honestly discuss their career goals—and even professional unhappiness—everyone is enabled to amicably discuss the next steps toward mutually positive outcomes.

At AP, we have found that when the company culture is based on authenticity, trust and quality communication, employees are healthier, happier and more receptive to making the two weeks’ notice a relic of the past.

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Robert’s talk about Mindful Transition at TEDx Kenmore Square 2019
TINYcon 2017
Tugboat 2017

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